My Ideal day

The perfect day in my life would quite look like this... I wake up to the licking of my magnificent dogs(4 of them) who are accompanied by my 3 beautiful kids in our bedroom which are as modern and contemporary as it could get and yet has this unbelievable comfort and cozy feel to it..:) My wife joins the little morning party that we are having and then we both get calls from our respective secretaries to brief us about our schedules for the day after which we work out in our in-house gym with our trainer where the whole family works out. Then, I take my babies( with 4 legs) for a walk in the lush garden of our penthouse where the flowers are blooming, all thanks to both of our parents and the gardener who works under their guidance. Meanwhile, my wife with the help of a few houses helps get the kids ready and going for school. The living room is filled with conversations about health and nutrition as the nutritionist of the house has arrived and is checking on the health progress made by the parents(my and my wife's) in the house according to which the food menu is being decided. My wife and me getting ready in our room and she, as usual, is helping me with my attire for the day. Everyone around me has a stylist nowadays but I have my wife. She styles me the best and of course herself too :) If not a businesswoman, she surely would have been a stylist!! After having, a hearty breakfast with our family, we leave for our respective offices in our own luxury cars. I reach office and get straight into meetings with clients and then prospective partners about an innovation that could change the game of the business. It's already lunchtime and my house help has arrived with freshly made lunch. A text from my wife reminds me that I have to be home early for a family dinner. So I have to finish my meetings in the evening from home. That is never a problem though. As I have a brilliant team of people at work.:) I reach home early and pick my kids way back, help my family with the dinner preparations(not the food preps :D). We have a fun family get together, everyone is happy and cheery. We decide to go on a month-long family vacation next to next month and the destination is the point of discussion on the table. After a while, we have a consensus on Europe(entire Europe this time).We get the tickets booked right then. It's going to be late for bed today but it has been a beautiful day. As I put my kids to bed in their room and look at them and my wife, I feel blessed and I thank God for everything.

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